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The Sanctuary Cities Info site and blog have been put in place to provide a site to gather information on the Sancutuary City phenomenon. Various cities, counties, and states across the country have chosen officially or unofficially to ignore alien status when encountered by the local law enforcement agencies. These various governemnt entities have chosen to defy federal law to cooperate with ICE. I am hoping this site will raise the awareness to this issue and perhaps these sanctuary cities can reverse their rulings and will help support our federal laws.

This goes beyond allowing illegal aliens into the country, but they might be terrorists, criminals, have contagious diseases, or have other malicious intent. We hear almost daily of an illegal immigrant breaking a law, murdering someone, or being involved in a terrorist act.

Even if the illegal immigrant doesn’t have a malicious intent, they generally put a burden on our social service structure. Their children are put in school without paying property taxes, they demand hospital services without having paid taxes or paid for insurance. They obtain vehicles, get in accidents, and flee the scene. Legal residents do a lot of the same things, but at least have the right to be here to do these things.

The United States welcomes immigrants to apply and enter the country through a legal process. Most of us were immigrants or were the progeny of immigrants from all over the world. We support and defend those under military or civil strife. We have opened out arms to Cubans, Somalies, and Cambodians amongst others. We also provide aid and various services to people all over the world. We are not cold hearted, we just want you to obey our laws.

Please participate in the forum and give us your information or opinion, for or against sanctuary cities. We welcome all opinions, whether we agree or not.


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