Illegal immigrant T-Bones school bus killing four children

On February 19th a woman, Alianiss Nunez Morales, was driving a van that T-boned the school bus with such force it knocked the bus over on it’s side.  The bus was going south on Hwy. 23 a mile south of Cottonwood, Minnesota and the van being driven by Alianiss was going east on Lyon County Road 24.  The accident took place at 3:30pm so the sun was to the back of the van’s driver.  The initial story published by the Twin City newspaper (Star and Tribune AKA Star and Sickle) didn’t even publish the driver’s name in the initial story and even went so far as to say as there might not even be anyone at fault…huh??  The bus was carrying 28 students, of which about 14 were injured in addition to the four who died on the spot.  A pickup truck was crushed by the bus when it fell over and it is thought another vehicle ran into the back of the bus.

It was quite curious that when the story came out there were suspicions that the driver of the van was an illegal immigrant but the liberal press didn’t want to discuss that possibility.  The first news that came out indicated that she didn’t have a driver’s license, only an ID.  It was later discovered that the ID was fake and that even the name she was using was false.  Two days following the crash (today), it was revealed that she was an illegal immigrant.  It was also revealed that she had been pulled over by the police two years earlier for a traffic violation but nothing was done about her illegal status at the time. 

Cottonwood is fairly close to Worthington, Minnesota.  One of three sanctuary cities in Minnesota, the other two being Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

If this woman had been deported two years ago when stopped by the police there would be four children alive today that are dead.

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  1. Sanctuary Post author

    The illegal immigrants real identity has been discovered. Her name is Olga Marina Franco and she is 24 years old and is from Guatemala. It was determined last week that the person whose identity was stolen was in fact a Puerto Rican woman now living in Connecticut. Furthermore Alianiss has blue eyes, Olga doesn’t have blue eyes.

    Olga’s attorney has requested a lowering of bail but we know if Olga makes bail she will never be seen again. It is also curious how she is able to afford the attorney she is using as most people at her income level use the public defender and are unable to afford an expensive attory.

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