Helen Silva (Silver as well), Elena Rafovna, Elena Almyashova, Elana Almyashova

comments: I have a huge concern about a woman that I suspect of being here on a student visa while never intending to go to school.  She and the man she is with are conning many people out of large sums of $ – She has contacted me from 3 different accounts with different names.   The names that she has used are :
Helen Silva (Silver as well)
Elena Rafovna
Elena Almyashova
Elana Almyashova
They have lied to the authorities and attempted to collect $ from me by filing a terrible claim against my family, but they were unable to provide evidence to prove their terrible lies.  This has cost me an enormous amount of money, and has hurt my family, and it is unthinkable that these people should be able to stay in the United States.
The man that she is with has been written up on Ripp Off Reports, and his name is Alex Silver, Silva, and many other aliases that are listed in the article .  The article # is 464655.  I hope that someone looks into this as their only reason for being in the United States is to take advantage of and hurt our citizens.
(name withheld by editor for writer’s anonyminity)

One thought on “Helen Silva (Silver as well), Elena Rafovna, Elena Almyashova, Elana Almyashova

  1. ElenaAlmyashova

    I need ADMIN to contact me. I’m am a lawful citizen of the United States and I have no idea what this article is about. Never have I ever been involved in any shady activities. I need this article to be removed and I need the name of the person who made this up.

    I work in a very respectful company. I do not have a single spot on my career.

    Please let me know how this incident can be cleared up!

    I appreciate your kind help,

    Warmest regards, Elena.

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