White House Opens Door to Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

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Last weekend, the White House announced that an immigration reform bill could become law as early as next year. David Axelrod, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, told CNN that legislation would create a path to citizenship for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in the United States. As a result, more than 50 anti-amnesty rallies were held Saturday around the nation to protest the Obama Administration’s intentions.

Our nation has long benefited culturally and economically by welcoming legal immigrants. However, unregulated, illegal immigration threatens to destroy a carefully constructed system of immigration and assimilation. I will continue to oppose amnesty because of the principle of fairness and respect for the rule of law. The first action of those who would live in our country and contribute to our society should be to respect our laws.

Real immigration reform should address the most critical problems facing our immigration system. We must push for legislation that will strengthen border security, establish an employer verification system, and penalize those who hire illegal foreign labor. Among the highest priorities for any bill Congress passes is an outright rejection of any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Preserving Our Nation’s Godly Heritage

The “Freedom From Religion Foundation,” an atheist and agnostic organization, filed a lawsuit seeking to have the words, “In God We Trust,” and the Pledge of Allegiance, including the words, “one nation, under God,” erased from the face of the new Visitor Center at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. In response, I have joined three U.S. Senators and 40 of my colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives in filing an amicus brief asking the lawsuit be dismissed.

There has been a persistent effort to deny our Godly heritage in America and literally remove the word, “God,” from our buildings, practices, and institutions. Consider the roles God and faith have played in the development of our great nation and how this foundation is ever present today in our nation’s capital. Washington is replete with examples of how our founders viewed faith as an integral part of our culture.

The subtle manner in which our faith history is portrayed in our monuments and landmarks belies the fact that faith is an assumed part of our identity. In Congress, I will do what I can to preserve and protect our nation’s Godly heritage.

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One thought on “White House Opens Door to Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

  1. Brittanicus


    The lobbyists for the open border, the church, business consortium’s are deviously careful not to mention E-Verify, that discrepancies can be resolved at the Social Security agencies? Nor do they inform of the success rate of E-Verify, the fed immigration tool identifying illegal labor. These entities were nearly successful through the intervening Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), with support from majority speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to crush the computer verification program. Unfortunately, E-Verify may become obsolete if they pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, that will legitimize 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants? Plus it’s being kept in the dark, that millions more will pour across our undermanned border, or from across the world, once they get the word that AMNESTY is about to commence?

    We will be donating taxpayers dollars to support the poorest of families, with little or no education. Taxpayer will be paying for the old and sick person, mentally handicapped and those who need surgery who reaches American soil. It will be the–SAME– nightmare as the1986 immigration bill (IRCA) all over again, when 3 million materialized into 5.3 million and those working in agriculture disappeared, to enter the mainstream of US working class. Unless we put a stop to another BLANKET AMNESTY now–the impoverished, the criminals will keep coming–forever. Grade your policy makers at NUMBERSUSA? Read about Capitol corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH, ALIPAC, CAPSWEB, AMERICAN PATROL & THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. What can you do for AMERICA?

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