Illegals Impact Georgia Business

Received an email from someone that I will let remain anonymous:

“I have been in business in the Forsyth Com, Ga area for 33yrs. Now days I am losing 3 of 5 bids on local jobs to contractors using illegal labor. I am looking for a way to stop these people before I lose everything I have worked for all these years.”

The one sure way to eliminate illegal workers is to not give them jobs. They will quit breaking the law and coming into the US if they weren’t able to find a way to stay here. Illegal immigrants are a tremendous burden to our economy, both directly and indirectly.

You can do your part by asking the businesses you deal with if they use illegal immigrant workers. Recently I heard a story about a person who was going to shingle their house ask those bidding on the project if they used illegals or not. In this part of the country the work is primarily done by illegals. The bid was given to the person insuring a legal crew, although the person paid more to get that insurance.

Insist on legal workers and the unemployment problem will go away and the burden on our economy. This will help those in Georgia as well as everyone else here legally.

Thanks for your mail!

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