North Carolina multi-city update

I would NOT put Winston-Salem on this list unless you have some evidence. I don’t see it in their city and county council meetings. And, the city clerk called me and said “No, immigration resolutions.” In fact, I find a request for 287(g) info and a resolution for state participation in sharing the high costs associated with Illegal aliens. [[If you have something, I would love to see what it is, in case I missed it!!!]

Official sanctuaries

Carrboro – Adopted Resolution no. 123/2005-06 on May 16, 2006
Chapel Hill – Adopted Resolution no. 3a(3) on February 26, 2007
Durham – Adopted Resolution #9046 on October 20, 2003

Chatham County (Pittsboro, Siler City) – Adopted Resolution no. 2009-02 on January 5, 2009
Orange County (Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham) – (01-23-2007), Orange County Board of Commissioners- Resolution in

Unofficial Sanctuary City of Asheville, but actively working on becoming official.
“Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell recently set off a firestorm of controversy, when he appeared on a local radio show and expressed his desire to officially make Asheville a ‘sanctuary city,’ for illegal aliens. Bothwell said: “I’d like to make it clear that this essentially endorses what is already Asheville city policy.” Asheville Citizen Times

Unofficial Sanctuary City of Raleigh –

(04-21-2010), Harry Dolan, Police Chief comment, “More than an unfunded mandate, it would be our leadership in Washington abdicating their responsibility to deal with a very federal issue.He says he would NOT support the bill [Arizona SB 1070] if it were in his state.” KTAR Newsroom,,

I hope that this is helpful. If I have made an error, I will e-mail you. As I find other sanctuary cities, I will also e-mail you. Will be taking a close look at Charlotte for evidence. Also, Sanford, NC

Cape Fear FIRE
Wilmington, NC

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