Semper Fi – Ex-Marine from Oregon Not Happy About the Border Situation

I'd like to know how I can help spread information about this site. Some of the ideas I have come up with are posting a link on my facebook page, etc.. As you well know the immigration debate is huge here in Oregon and I was appalled to learn that we are a "sanctuary state". I gave ten years of my life serving in the Marines and it was NOT to give what we have in our country away to just anybody!! To me illegal means just that, illegal! It means nothing to me what race or country you are from, if you are here illegally, LEAVE or make things right if it is possible!! Because of the latest idiotic decision by a federal judge to limit the Arizona law, I have since learned of these "sanctuary" places. Our so called leaders are suing the state of Arizona yet protecting these other governments??!! What kind of backwards garbage is this and why are we as a people standing for it??!!! I've been mentioning this to others around town and the vast majority were like me before I heard that term, clueless! Sorry to ramble, but you get the idea. :)
Thanks for your time and efforts!!!! 

Steve B.

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