I have a question about LDS overt support for the Utah immigration bills just approved

(The following was sent to the webmaster of this site and has been posted in case someone wishes to answer the question)

  • The Catholic Church has its immoral un-Godly pedophilia tolerance and cover-up.
  • LDS has its immoral un-Godly illegal alien tolerance and cover-up.

LDS is in my heart; the LDS establishment and elitists politically upper crust actions feel so distant from what I believe is reasonable.

Among other things, turning Utah into a sanctuary city (one that pampers law breakers and those that profit from their exploitation is “discriminatory against people because of other races”.   Let me explain from my perspective as a Hispanic immigrant.  I am now a naturalized citizen.

Mexican and Central Americans who are the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens are only 8% of the world population but 89% of the illegal aliens in our country.

Proximity to a border that they violate does not give illegal aliens or should not give them PRIORITY over the world’s other racial and  ethnic groups whose people would like to legally migrate to the USA.  Who sees fairness in that?  Can we see a raise of hand for those in favor of granting immigration status to only those who respect our laws and processes?

What is an “immigrant”?  An immigrant, as it is in my case and my wife case, who is also foreign-born, is a person that is in full compliance with United States immigration laws and processes.

All other foreigners are either here legally under visa or illegally, but in no case are they immigrants.

The LDS behind the scene and now overtly pushing for preferential treatment for one ethnic group over all others, is morally wrong, especially in light that they are law breakers.

Adding insult to injury the taxpayer is forced to pay for LDS’s effective racial discrimination agenda in immigration policy.

Fifty percent of the people in America do not pay income tax and 43% of the people are on food stamps.  Illegal aliens typically have 3 years of schooling and are illiterate in English and in their native language also.

Are illegal aliens working illegally in Utah more or less likely to be among those who pay NO INCOME TAX?  You got that right.  Illegal aliens have no Social Security numbers (it is against the law for them to apply for one much less posses one) but even if they miraculously reported their income without a Social Security number, their tax load as minimum wage earners would be ZERO.  Incidentally, identity and tax fraud are felonies.  Every illegal alien in the United States today, by necessity, is committing identity and tax fraud – every day.

Let’s take an illegal alien family with 4 children in school.  The parents would pay ZERO INCOME TAX.  Families with income under $25,000 pay no income tax – generally.  Instead these foreigners would qualify for an income tax credit (money from the taxpayers paid to low income filers who pay no tax).   Each of the illegal alien family children cost the taxpayers about $18,000 per school year.  A four children family would total about $54,000 annually in cost to the tax payers.

It would be ironic if LDS would reimburse the tax payers for this theft of taxpayers’ money, but wait . . . LDS money also come out of our pockets, just like taxes do.

The LDS establishment elitist crust are disrespecting what is moral, what is legal and disrespecting the hard work and good intentions of its members.

Those who are serving us in the state government and in Congress have taken an OATH to protect and defend the Constitution and to enforce the laws.  The LDS establishment has used its muscle and our money to coerce legislators to dishonor their OATH OF OFFICE.   Does this live to our expectation of religious leadership?

We deserve an apology from the elitists – one would think.


(name withheld for privacy reasons)


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