Man From India Busted Entering U.S. From Mexico?

Received an unusual request.  Here it is:

Please can you help me. I am from the UK and I have a cousin who tried to enter the States illegally via Mexico. 

He was from India and his name is "Sunny" and he is aged 21. 

He was arrested on 25th June 2011 and I am unsure whether he is arrested by the US or Mexican police. 
Please can you help trace him as we are unaware for his whereabouts, and his family is concerned. 

Please email me or call me 00447946349618. I would appreciate any co-operation from yourselves, and
I am annoyed that he has been involved in trying to enter the USA. If needed, I can email picture to you, if so, please email me. 

Regards. Pamela

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