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Editor: We have been asked to let our users know about the immigration platform by a presidential candidate, Miller. Am providing a copy of the Immigration information here and you can click the link to the Miller For President web site:


We the people will resolve our illegal population crisis in 2 years. 

 1. I will temporarily expand the USCIS and the State Department to handle the required processing of these individuals. 2. Utilizing the procedures that are used to hire 100,000 temporary U.S. Census workers, we will hire the temporary workers needed for this one time program.

 3. Once the program is staffed and ready to function, establish and publish a one year registration period. 4. Increase the processing fee from the current rate of $675 to $2500 for each applicant.

 5. Once the person has met all of the application requirements and they are officially accepted into the program, a temporary registration card will be issued to them, certifying their participation.

 6. Perform all citizenship procedures within the law, as it is written today, using Homeland Security form N-400, (Exception: This program would suspend for one year only, the current Federal Law that does not allow a person who is physically within the U.S. illegally to apply for residency or citizenship). 7. If the applicant is approved, they will become a U.S. citizen. The individual will be convicted of a felony, time served, for coming in illegally. We will proudly welcome each person into their new home, the United States of America.

8. If applicant is not approved or fails to register within the one year registration window, immediate deportation.

9. Any city Mayors and their respective Governor who provides “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Federal law.

10. Build the border fence that is specified in Public Law 109-295 that became effective 10/4/2006 and secure all of our borders to prevent this threat to our National security from ever happening again.

11. I will order the immediate deployment of armored personnel along our borders sufficient to stop all illegal border activities and to protect the border construction projects.

By utilizing the current regulations and requirements for U.S. citizenship, no person or entity can claim favoritism or discrimination with this solution. The felony conviction will remove the individual’s right to vote or to hold certain public offices. This penalty will also remove the temptation of our political parties and special interest groups from courting and manipulating these individuals as a voting block, rather than respecting them for being the proud new Americans they will become.


Miller for President 

P. O. Box 414Austin, Mn. 55912


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