Immigration outrage in our Capital City

Grassfire Nation Update

Yesterday Fox News reported that our Capital City,
Washington, D.C., had become a sanctuary city after
Mayor Vincent Gray signed an executive order formalizing
the existing "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy prohibiting
police from inquiring about the immigration status of
people they stop or arrest.

How ironic then is a new Rasmussen poll released this 
past Monday that showed 63 percent of American voters 
favor immigration checks on all routine traffic stops.

What has just happened in Washington, D.C.
should outrage Americans from coast-to-coast. 

This is our beacon city for the world to see, and here
we have a mayor who is arrogantly thumbing his nose
at existing immigration laws--easing the minds of 
law-breakers while throwing out the welcome mat for 
even more!

+ + 275,000+ petitions headed to D.C Mayor's office

As Fox News so aptly pointed out in their story, Washington,
D.C. needs true sanctuary for law-abiding citizens 
protecting them from the lawbreakers and politicians
who promote these kinds of rogue policies.

That's precisely why Grassfire Nation is moving quickly
to hand-deliver at least 275,000 "No Amnesty for Illegals"
petitions to Mayor Vincent Gray's office in a massive 
show of national grassroots outrage over his turning
our nation's capital into a sanctuary city for illegal 

Lew, our records indicate that you haven't yet added
your name to this important grassroots petition condemning
the reckless disregard of our existing immigration laws.

Please do so right now by clicking here and signing 
our petition:

After signing, please know that your petition will be
hand-delivered along with tens of thousands of others --
putting this mayor on notice for his lawless actions.

We are also asking that you alert your friends and family
members urging them to join with you in this grassroots 

         Forward this message to 25-30 friends today urging
         them to click below and sign our "No Amnesty for
         Illegals" petition in time to be included in this
         upcoming delivery.

With your help, we hope to have at least 275,000 petitions 
on hand -- maximizing the grassroots outrage against this 
mayor's actions.

Open defiance of existing immigration laws -- especially 
in our nation's capital cannot be tolerated.

Thank you in advance for standing with us.

Your friends at Grassfire Nation

P.S. Again, we plan on moving quickly -- perhaps as soon
as early next week, so don't delay. Click below and add your
name to our petition before alerting your friends and family:

+ + + + +
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dedicated to equipping you with the tools that give you a real
impact on the key issues of our day.  
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