Delivery to stop Obama’s pro-amnesty attacks on AZ sheriff

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Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Obama’s pro-amnesty agenda is now resulting in a crackdown against Arizona sheriffs who dare to uphold our nation’s immgration laws.

Specifically, Obama’s heavy-handed Department of Justice has stripped Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s officers of their power to enforce federal immigration laws. Arpaio has repeatedly asked the DOJ for evidence into their assertion that his office profiles Latinos and bases immigration enforcement on racially charged complaints. As of this update, the DOJ has yet to provide the evidence.

This is outrageous. It is bad enough that Obama supports the amnesty agenda, but to turn the Justice Department against local law enforcement who are simply upholding our laws is unconscionable.

+ + Grassroots Americans Take Stand Against Obama’s Pro-Amnesty Attacks

In the past 24 hours, my staff has been in contact with Sheriff Joe’s staff and has arranged for an in-person delivery of our “Support Sheriff Joe” petitions during the first week of February.

This means you and I have an opportunity to support Sheriff Joe while sending a strong message that We The People will not tolerate Obama’s pro-amnesty hostility toward our nation’s law enforcement.

In just a few days we have already gathered more than 50,000 petitions. We want to hand-deliver 100,000 petitions to Sheriff Joe when we meet with him in less than two weeks.

Our records show that you have not yet signed this important petition.

Please go here now to sign and stand against Obama’s pro-amnesty attacks:

As you know, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being victimized by a politically motivated assault brought on by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

But it doesn’t end there. Arpaio is also the convenient target of a savage liberal media as well as radical immigration zealots — all of whom are looking to destroy a decorated and dedicated public servant committed to the citizens of Arizona.

+ +Conservatives United and Standing For Justice!

Our goal is simple. We want to hand-deliver at least 100,000 Letters of Support to Sheriff Joe’s office within the next two weeks. We anticipate national and local media will be there, and we’ll also invite local Tea Party citizens and key lawmakers throughout Arizona to join us as well.

And with your help right now, we can make a profound impact — a rally of sorts for what is good and decent in our great nation!

With almost 50,000 letters ready to be delivered, we are almost half way toward reaching our goal of 100,000, but we are counting on you

After signing, be sure to rally your friends and family members.

Encourage them to stand with you in support of Sheriff Joe, who is living up to his billing as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” by standing strong amidst increasing pressure – initiated by those who seek to destroy the work and reputation of the conservative lawman.

Thank you for supporting Sheriff Joe!

Grassfire Nation

P.S. Help us deliver 100,000 Letters of Support for Sheriff Joe — to his Phoenix office, Holder’s Department of Justice, and to Capitol Hill. Click here now to sign the letter of support:

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