Website and organization is despicable, ugly, unChristian and unAmerican

We like to give everyone an opportunity to speak their peace, so I am copying the content here of an email we just received:

"I think that this website and organization is despicable, ugly, unChristian and unAmerican. You should be ashamed of yourselves.  You think you are better then undocumented workers because you were born in this country?  You wouldn't do anything to save your family and improve your chance of survival if you were born in Mexico.  God help us against people like you. Shame on you and your racism and self-righteousness masked by patriotism. I'm getting a masters to fight ignorant haters like you. Good riddance"

I would like to reply to this person as follows:

1.  Not sure where the ugly part came in, I am usually considered at least average in appearance

2.  UnChristian?  Last I checked I was baptised, confirmed, and a church goer, but that isn't Christian enough, and further, I don't see the connection?

3.  unAmerican - Hmmm....when was defending our laws and protecting our county considered unAmerican.  Seems the opposite would be true.

Without revealing the name of the person who wrote this, I am going to estimate they don't have aboriginal North American heritage.   As a result, I am going to assume the writer is the descendant of an immigrant, probably a legal immigrant.

Same with me and with most people who stop by this site.  My grandparents came to the United States for a better life, just like your Grandparents likely did.  The difference is, they came here legally.  They followed a procedure, came in through immigration services.  They didn't sneak across the border illegally in the dark of night.

It seems your logic would also make robbing a bank OK to pay your house payment, and robbing the grocery store to feed your family instead of more traditional methods of taking care of those needs.


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