Some User Feedback Regarding Illegal Immigration

It is the responsibility of the federal government and every single state employee including every police dept. to round up and enforce the laws of this country. That means “everyone” should stop passing the buck and do a roundup of illegals and give them a water bottle at the border then asked at rifle point to get steppin !! Just the way they came in. Why do these state people try to say its the federal govt. job to enforce the immigration laws when they are walking over the states borders. Police are suppossed to enforce state and federal laws and so are our state leaders. This is frustrating. So if the state is not suppossed to support federal law then does that mean that police are not supposed to protect the rights of citizens (those are federal laws adopted by the federal govt.).

Larry B.

Please be aware that Maine’s current governor, Paul LePage, rescinded the previous governor’s (John Baldacci) order preventing State workers from asking about mimigration status.

Greg P.

Sorry to see you go. Thank you for all your time, energy and costs involved in providing fair and accurate reporting. I’m an activist in MD regarding illegals and i’ve been threatened, tires slashed and fearful of my family.. But i just can’t quit and try to keep identity quiet but too many know me.. Good luck in your future endeavers..


You can added Concord, California to list of sanctuary cities. They have a long history of it and local pd have a hands off policy.

Easy Bay Girl


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