Confused Sanctuary City visitor from Rahway, NJ regarding cities vs. states

David V. from the Rahway area of New Jersey wrote with this question.

“You have 13 NJ. cities,towns listed as sanctuary places. Yet your Non-Sanctuary State page lists NJ. as not offering sanctuary. Help me understand this info please. David”

Various cities, counties, and states have enacted policy and regulations, either officially, or unofficially to ignore a person’s lawful right to be in the United States. To the best of our knowledge, only three states, Alaska, Maine, and Oregon have enacted state wide sanctuary status, although some cities within those states override that policy, such as Fairbanks.

In some states, like California, there are so many cities that offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants, it seems as if the whole state is one big sanctuary, and it does seem that way. Thankfully, there are some police and sheriffs departments that check to see if someone is illegal, and if so, turn them over to ICE. We commend those departments for their law abiding stance.

For out purposes we only list the three states as being sanctuary states, and in the other states, we list just the cities and counties we have been made aware of that have an official, or unofficial policy to ignore someones illegal status in the United States.

All across the country there are story after story like the local murder in San Francisco committed by illegal immigrants. We have enough crime already from out citizens without adding to it the crimes of people who are here illegally. Even one of the hijackers who crashed a plane into the Pentagon was here on an expired Visa. So the illegal immigrants aren’t just the ones who cross our border from the south, but others who came here legally, but are no longer here legally.

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