Worcester Telegram to do story on San Francisco woman killed by an “undocumented imigrant”.

I have been contacted by Elaine Thompson of the Worcester Telegram who said:

“I am writing a local story related to the killing of a San Francisco woman allegedly by an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. SF is a sanctuary city.”

I get annoyed over the term “undocumented immigrant”. It downplays the illegal act the person performed to “break into” the United States. They broke the law to enter the United States illegally, making them an illegal immigrant. The term undocumented makes it sound like they forgot to get a pass to excuse them from class.

I am thankful to hear the Massachusetts media is bringing the case to the forefront as several cities in Massachusetts are themselves sanctuary cities including the very liberal Cambridge, home of Harvard University and all things liberal.

All of New England other than New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont are blatantly pro illegal immigrants. The whole state of Maine is an illegal sanctuary.

Elaine’s paper has already published an excellent article written by the AP on the San Francisco story and I think it is great to hear Elaine is going to expand on the story. Just hope undocumented becomes the more accurate illegal

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