Conflicting information on sanctuary cities list is causing a concern.

Deborah wrote this to us:

“I have conflicting information on the sanctuary cities on your website. Where can I get an updated list of all the sanctuary cities by state please. ”

Per an earlier blog posting, there is NO official list anywhere. Most of the initial data was obtained by the Congressional Research Service and subsequent to that each site that maintains a list adds and subtracts cities, counties, and states based on the information they are able to obtain.

If someone who sees the list on my site has differences, please let us know what they are.

1. If you want a city, county, or state added, refer us to a document or web page that contains the information that justifies adding them to the list.

2. Same with taking a city, county, or state off the list. We need to know what the basis is for removing them. To remove a governmental entity we prefer to see where they have put into writing information to support their non-sanctuary status. Simply saying it is the case is insufficient. We get told frequently that places aren’t sanctuary cities but they continue to exhibit sanctuary city behavior.

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