Magdalena is offended by the Illegal Immigrant Label, But It Is What It Is!

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your_name: Magdalena H.

comments: Hello, I am the daughter of Mexican Immigrants (one is now an American citizen!) and we grew up using the term ‘undocumented immigrant’. Although the action is illegal, the correct and (some argue) humane term is ‘undocumented immigrant’. I hope your website will switch to using that term rather than ‘illegal immigrant’ or ‘illegal alien’ (which was always such a weird and belittling term to me growing up). Many of those who cross the border come here for a plethora of reasons – we get a pinch of the bad, but heaps of wonderful and amazing folks who have gone through (or got out in time of) situations we Americans can never imagine. I don’t judge, I don’t have a right to. Anyways, apologies for the rant. I do hope, though, that your website moderators decide to choose better terminology. 🙂 Thanks! Proud Mexican-American (no preference for putting one before the other, it just rings better in the ear this way. 🙂 )



I shun political correctness. Not many years ago there was no such thing as “undocumented workers”. The term was invented by those wishing to sugarcoat the true terminology. We aren’t here to be politically correct nor are we concerned about using other than the most accurate terms.

It is a federal crime to break into the United States. Sure, I understand the motivation, but you don’t need to break in. There is a legal process and those who immigrated here legally aren’t too happy about those who violated federal law to gain access to the United States.

The average illegal immigrant doesn’t speak English and doesn’t enter the US with sufficient skills and education to get a job capable of taking care of themselves, so quite often they have to take the hard earned money of legal citizens to pay for their housing, food, and medical. So, on top of breaking into the country, the average illegal immigrant becomes a burden on society, placing a heavy toll on society. Do the illegals have a right to do that to those who are here legally? No!

Maybe in a generation or two there will be offspring such as yourself who have availed themselves on the system and have become educated and become a contributing member of society, but we also know that along with those like your family, we get those who come here and deal in drugs, theft, rape, and other crimes.

There is a legal process to get into the country, just like my grandparents did. Those wishing to move here and become a citizen should learn English before coming here, become educated, and come here ready to participate as a productive member of society, not live live off of the welfare system.

You have no right to take my money paid through taxes. You have no right to ask to be called a sugar-coated name.

You will find definitions and explanations of the terms in this great article:
Definitions: Alien, Immigrant, Illegal Alien, Undocumented Immigrant

In addition to defining the terms, this additional discussion is added:

” Commonly, in U.S. politics and U.S. news stories, the term “alien” is most often used with the modifier “illegal”.

By contrast, the term “immigrant” is often deliberately used without a modifier, leaving the impression — correct or not — that the immigrant is legally or permissibly in the U.S. under our laws. Of course, this is frequently not the case!

Liberal politicans and news organizations prefer to refer to illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants” because this term deliberately deflects discussion away from the fact that such individuals are in our country illegally. The term “undocumented immigrant” is designed to deliberately gloss over the fact that such individuals have broken our laws.

Conversely, conservative and libertarian politicians and news organizations tend to refer to illegal aliens as “illegal aliens” which properly keeps the focus of the discussion on the fact that such individuals have broken our laws and are therefore criminals to one degree or another, and that these individuals do not owe allegiance to our country.

In fact, folks who like to use the term undocumented immigrant also tend to believe we should be spending U.S. taxpayer funds to provide illegal aliens (criminals) with health care, social security and in some cases in state tuition at our colleges and universities. They also tend to believe that illegal aliens should be able to obtain U.S. drivers’ licenses, open U.S. bank accounts, and be free from arrest and deportation by our police officers. ”

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