Denton, Texas constituent wants to know what made their city a sanctuary city?

Danny M. wrote us the following:

“You are reporting Denton, TX as a sanctuary city. I contacted both the Mayor and the City Manager complaining and both stated emphatically that Denton is not a sanctuary city. I suggest that you verify your information.”

Didn’t take much research to find several verifying pieces of information such as:

Did you ask Sen. Perry why you were on his list?

What about this guy’s comments:

“If you call and send letters to ICE concerning illegals working for a company in Denton Texas and nothing happens, what do you do next?? I worked there and know for a fact they have around 60 illegals (maybe more by now)there and they also get all there paper work for them. They also pay one of them to go back to Mexico to get the ones thay get sent back and to pick up new ones. ”

And notice the other guys reply:

“Denton is still a sanctuary city. That’s why we still have all those illegals at the day worker pavillion.
Be great if someone bombs that pavillion. Want to protest the place? ”

I could go on and on…

Ask the Mayor for actual City policy.

Find out from the PD what their actual practices are, i.e. what is written in their instruction on how to deal with illegals.

All those illegals have to be getting pulled over for traffic violations. What do they do with them?

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