City of Painesville, Ohio says they are “NOT” a sanctuary city.

Tara Diehl
City of Painesville
Comments: The City of Painesville respectfully requests confirmation of the removal or clarification on your website as we are NOT a sanctuary city. Under the “By State” listings, we are referenced as: Painesville, OH Please reference Resolution No. 38-08 passed on July 21, 2008 titled: “A RESOLUTION ACKNOWLEDGING PAINESVILLE CITY OF COUNCIL’S INTENT TO COOPERATE WITH ALL APPROPRIATE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES IN THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE IMMIGRATION LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY”

My reply to Tara is as follows:

To begin with “intent to cooperate” is not WILL COOPERATE. Very wishy washy which gives the PD the option to do as they please.

Further, you are in Lake County who is allowing Mexican Matricula Consular ID which are about as fake as anything and have no bearing on being a legal immigrant or not.

A year after your resolution, the people in your City are still up in arms about the whole thing:

How about the Cleveland Scene article in 2007?

I have no doubt I could find a hand full of illegals in a matter of minutes of arriving in your fair city.

As far as I am concerned, you guys are all talk, no action.

How many illegals have been turned over to ICE last week, last month, this year? I bet none.

How much of a kick back do you get from Lake County Nursery?

In fact, I am going to further highlight Painesville as being a hot bed of illegals which is precisely what you are.

One thought on “City of Painesville, Ohio says they are “NOT” a sanctuary city.

  1. bob

    The whole state of kansas is a sanctuary state!!! How many illegals have they deported??? NONE Dodge city Ark city hell my neighborhood they live on each side . Law abiding ? Nope more like drug dealers furthermore they are automatically FELONS for crossing that damn border! Yet they get jobs under YOUR social security number and kill others but its ok. Come on TRUMP get them alll and their damn babies the hell out of here

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