Lakewood, California disputes Sanctuary City status

Bill Grady
City of Lakewood, CA

Hello Sanctuary Cities Info,

You have Lakewood, CA listed as a Sanctuary City, but with no reference as to the reason. Lakewood, CA is not a Sanctuary City and our city council has never taken any action related to that. There are over a dozen Lakewoods in the United States. Perhaps someone mistook our Lakewood for another one? We would appreciate your removing us from your website as soon as possible. Your website has led to several people incorrectly calling us. We have corrected them, but we don’t like having to indicate that it is your website that is inaccurate. Thank you. Bill Grady Public Information Officer City Manager’s Office, City of Lakewood, CA

We informed Bill that their City’s name was originally obtained from We asked Bill to contact OJJPAC to get their City removed from that list and we would follow suit.

Cities like Lakewood say they have taken no direct action to affirm their status as a sanctuary city, but it is likely they haven’t taken an positives steps in the other direction. In other words, it is unlikely their police department has a clear directive to detain and surrender illegals to ICE. Being passive towards federal law is equivalent to breaking federal law.

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