Ft. Worth resident denies his city is a Sanctuary City

David writes as follows:

“Fort Worth Texas IS NOT A SANCTUARY dumping ground, Please fix your page. If you have proof please provide it and I’ll send it to the City Councilmen that denied it, in writing.”

Our reply was:

Every Texas city is full of illegal immigrants. Are you trying to deny that?

What is your city’s official policy on dealing with immigrants? Is their actual city policy that states that illegals discovered during normal police operations will be detained and turned over to ICE? How any illegals are being detained weekly?

There is even a web site for Ft. Worth illegals:


Or how about this church that assists illegals?


Or how about the many services for illegals based there such as this one:


These services wouldn’t exist if there were no illegals there to help.

How about this quote:

“The term sanctuary cities often comes up in debates over illegal immigration. Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton are examples of them – places where police do not ask people about their immigration status. But after a tragedy in California, the country is taking a closer look at the issue. From the right on Flashpoint this week: Mark Davis with 660 AM The Answer and on the left, Rich Hancock from DeepEllumOnAir.com.”


In the meantime, provide proof to the contrary.

On the other hand, you can fly me out to Ft. Worth and for every illegal, give me $100. If I don’t find any, I will give you $10,000. No one has taken me up on the offer as every city is teeming with them.

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