New Mexico Resident Denies State’s Sanctuary Status

A New Mexican by the name of Tony wrote protesting his state being on the Sanctuary State List as you can see below:

New Mexico is not a sanctuary state nor are any of its counties or cities as Governor Martinez issued an executive order in 2011 to this. Please research and correct the map. Thanks.

New Mexico Is Not a Sanctuary State, the Governor Makes Clear

To save you from having to click the link, I will post a copy of the text here:

New Mexico is not a sanctuary state, governor makes clear

By Dianne Stallings @RuidosoNews
Posted: 07/09/2015 04:46:39 PM MDT

New Mexico is not a sanctuary state, although three cities and one county within its borders were listed by the Congressional Research Center on Jan. 30, 2011 as sanctuaries where local law enforcement does not cooperate with federal agencies in detecting illegal immigrants.

A map recently featured on a Fox News Channel broadcast showed New Mexico as either a sanctuary state or one containing sanctuary cities.

“I did an executive order within minutes after I was sworn into office in 2011,” Gov. Susana Martinez clarified during a visit to Ruidoso Tuesday. “I said there will not be any sanctuary city. Our police officers will ask where someone is from, especially if they are being arrested and put in jail for crimes, because that needs to be considered by a judge. Are you a flight risk or a danger to the community and would you return to court for proceedings to determine whether you are culpable for some offense you are accused of?

“I made that declaration the first day. As a (former) prosecutor, I know very well” the need for law enforcement cooperation and information.

New Mexico was declared a sanctuary state in 1986 by former governor Toney Anaya. The cities of Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Rio Ariba County followed in 2007, and Aztec in 2010.

Editor: Knowing some things about New Mexico, I am in a position to counter the Governor’s claim. I realize the Governor has good intentions, but good intentions doesn’t get all of the illegals to go home. The whole state is full of illegals. They don’t speak English, they don’t choose to blend in, they don’t have any intention of assimilating into the United States culture. Since there are so many hispanics in New Mexico, they can pretend they are still in Mexico, but with the benefits of free medical, free top quality schools, free housing, and free food. I know that doesn’t apply to them all, but most of the immigrants didn’t complete school, don’t have a trade, and there are only so many landscaping jobs available. That isn’t prejudicial, that is the facts.

Even though what they can get here for free is far better than their life in Mexico or Central America, many turn to crime causing New Mexico to have one of the highest crime rates in the country. Coupled by a liberal system that lets criminals walk after little time served, or any time at all. There is actually a jail in Albuquerque being sold as it is empty. It is empty because we are too “nice” to keep criminals incarcerated. Every day a habitual criminal is on the news for having committed his 5th, 10th, or more crime. We even have illegal immigrant criminals from California and Arizona coming here as New Mexico is soft on crime and soft on illegal immigrants.

In addition to being soft on illegals and crime, New Mexico issues drivers licenses to illegals. To make matters worse, the NM DL is no longer proof of citizenship, which means the TSA doesn’t want to accept a NM DL to get on a plane. The state has had to ask the TSA over and over again to extend the right to use a NMDL to board a plane, but I hope one of these days the TSA will say no. Then finally enough people who get denied access to flight will push to have the law repealed.

So, don’t tell me New Mexico isn’t a Sanctuary State, action speaks louder than words, even when the words come from a Republican Governor.

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