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New Mexico Resident Denies State’s Sanctuary Status

A New Mexican by the name of Tony wrote protesting his state being on the Sanctuary State List as you can see below: New Mexico is not a sanctuary state nor are any of its counties or cities as Governor Martinez issued an executive order in 2011 to this. Please… Read more »

Ft. Worth resident denies his city is a Sanctuary City

David writes as follows: “Fort Worth Texas IS NOT A SANCTUARY dumping ground, Please fix your page. If you have proof please provide it and I’ll send it to the City Councilmen that denied it, in writing.” Our reply was: Every Texas city is full of illegal immigrants. Are you… Read more »

Another visitor reports multiple sanctuary cities

Leonard wrote us with the following: comments: I have been inquiring to states and certain cities about their policy for harboring illegal immigrants aka sanctuary cities. Did you know that the city of Orlando Florida has declined to give a direct answer in a email I received asking them if… Read more »

Durango, Colorado City Manager Claims They Aren’t a Sanctuary City

Received this feedback: Please remove Durango from your website. We are not now nor have ever been a Sanctuary City. Ron LeBlanc City Manager 949 E. 2nd Ave. Durango CO 81301 970-375-5005 Reply: Durango, Colorado was listed on the Congressional Research Service Report dated 6/13/07. That report is the bases… Read more »

Denton, Texas constituent wants to know what made their city a sanctuary city?

Danny M. wrote us the following: “You are reporting Denton, TX as a sanctuary city. I contacted both the Mayor and the City Manager complaining and both stated emphatically that Denton is not a sanctuary city. I suggest that you verify your information.” Didn’t take much research to find several… Read more »

Web Site Visitor States Rhode Island *IS* A Sanctuary State

Received the following from a web site visitor, Rosalie H. “comments: You are wrong. I live in Rhode Island and thanks to Lincoln Chafee we are a Sanctuary State. He repealed e-verify as soon as he got into office. “The first move was made on his first full day in… Read more »

Magdalena is offended by the Illegal Immigrant Label, But It Is What It Is!

Received some more feedback as follows your_name: Magdalena H. comments: Hello, I am the daughter of Mexican Immigrants (one is now an American citizen!) and we grew up using the term ‘undocumented immigrant’. Although the action is illegal, the correct and (some argue) humane term is ‘undocumented immigrant’. I hope… Read more »

Westminster, Colorado Council Member Wants To Know How They Were Named a Sanctuary City

Received the following site contact message: Bruce Baker City Council Member 303-408-2288 Comments: I had a resident contact me saying we are a sanctuary city. What are we doing that you list us as a sanctuary city? Thanks for your help. ************ Our Reply: When I started my list,… Read more »

Former Worthington, MN Police Chief claims they aren’t a Sanctuary City

We received this mail: “You report that Worthington MN is a sanctuary city. I was the Police Chief of Worthington MN from 1999-2014. Worthington MN has no Sanctuary ordinance or sanctuary policy, Please do some investigation and retract your slanderous statement. Thanks, Mike Cumiskey” Sanctuary City status isn’t a matter… Read more »

Reader thinks New Hampshire should be considered a Sanctuary State

A site visitor from New Hampshire, Richard F. had a sarcastic comment I will share: “GREAT NEWS! My State of New Hampshire is not a sanctuary state. Shame that they exist to give refuge to illegals, take jobs, burden social services, hospitals, police and fill our jails. Seems deporting them… Read more »