Westminster, Colorado Council Member Wants To Know How They Were Named a Sanctuary City

Received the following site contact message: Bruce Baker City Council Member 303-408-2288 bbaker@cityofwestminster.us Comments: I had a resident contact me saying we are a sanctuary city. What are we doing that you list us as a sanctuary city? Thanks for your help. ************ Our Reply: When I started my list,… Read more »

Former Worthington, MN Police Chief claims they aren’t a Sanctuary City

We received this mail: “You report that Worthington MN is a sanctuary city. I was the Police Chief of Worthington MN from 1999-2014. Worthington MN has no Sanctuary ordinance or sanctuary policy, Please do some investigation and retract your slanderous statement. Thanks, Mike Cumiskey” Sanctuary City status isn’t a matter… Read more »

Reader thinks New Hampshire should be considered a Sanctuary State

A site visitor from New Hampshire, Richard F. had a sarcastic comment I will share: “GREAT NEWS! My State of New Hampshire is not a sanctuary state. Shame that they exist to give refuge to illegals, take jobs, burden social services, hospitals, police and fill our jails. Seems deporting them… Read more »

Ithaca, New York added thanks to visitor’s tip

Thanks to a web site visitor, Chuck, for pointing out the fact that the Ithaca, New York Common Council decided back in 2007 to ignore federal law and not cooperate with deporting illegal aliens. Maybe they are waiting for one of their own citizens to get killed before they rethink… Read more »

Incorrect Sanctuary City Listing – Cypress, CA

We received an email from the Cypress, CA City Manager requesting we remove the city from our Sanctuary City list.  Our research shows they have taken some steps towards the reduction in illegal immigrants but we are hoping they can provide whatever regulations or instructions that have been provided to… Read more »

2013 US Unauthorized Population From the Center For Migration Studies

Estimates of Unauthorized Residents in the United States from the Top 25 Countries, by State of Residence: 2013 Table 1 shows estimates of the twenty-five countries with the largest numbers of unauthorized residents in the US in 2013. Estimates are shown for unauthorized population sizes of 1,000 or more. All… Read more »

Bryan from Louisiana wants to pass a bill, not sure which one though !?!

Bryan from Louisiana stopped by to leave this message: “Pass the bill. Illegal means illegal.citizens will not tolerate such actions! Will pass petition for those in support of sanctuary will be removed from office in next election. This is not California!” Not sure what bill he is referring to but… Read more »

Sanford Florida Sanctuary City Status Inquiry

Bob stopped by our site with a question about why his city was listed as a sanctuary city. He wrote the following: “After the San Francisco alleged murder by a multiple entry illegal immigrant I did a search on sanctuary cities & found your website among a few others. I… Read more »

Conflicting information on sanctuary cities list is causing a concern.

Deborah wrote this to us: “I have conflicting information on the sanctuary cities on your website. Where can I get an updated list of all the sanctuary cities by state please. ” Per an earlier blog posting, there is NO official list anywhere. Most of the initial data was obtained… Read more »

Map mixup regarding South Carolina’s Sanctuary Status

Dennis from Charleston, SC wrote the following: “Watching Hannity tonight and a map was shown indicating that SC had a sanctuary city/county. Is the map on this site incorrect? I am curious what city/county this is. I’ll make sure to avoid it, if true.” I don’t know what map he… Read more »