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Lakewood, California disputes Sanctuary City status

Bill Grady City of Lakewood, CA bgrady@lakewoodcity.org Hello Sanctuary Cities Info, You have Lakewood, CA listed as a Sanctuary City, but with no reference as to the reason. http://www.sanctuarycities.info/sanctuary_state_california.htm Lakewood, CA is not a Sanctuary City and our city council has never taken any action related to that. There are… Read more »

Another visitor reports multiple sanctuary cities

Leonard wrote us with the following: comments: I have been inquiring to states and certain cities about their policy for harboring illegal immigrants aka sanctuary cities. Did you know that the city of Orlando Florida has declined to give a direct answer in a email I received asking them if… Read more »

Bryan from Louisiana wants to pass a bill, not sure which one though !?!

Bryan from Louisiana stopped by to leave this message: “Pass the bill. Illegal means illegal.citizens will not tolerate such actions! Will pass petition for those in support of sanctuary will be removed from office in next election. This is not California!” Not sure what bill he is referring to but… Read more »

Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, California Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration

Received this disturbing but actual account of the ongoing issues regarding illegal immigration: Comments from Toren, Irvine, CA I don’t understand why Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana continue to deny that they are not a sanctuary city. How many cases of Human Trafficking, and illegal immigration to they have? The… Read more »

State seeks more federal aid for cost of keeping illegal immigrant inmates

A federal program pays less than 12% of the cost for noncitizen criminals. As California renews its bid for funding, some lawmakers are optimistic. By Richard Simon April 11, 2009 Reporting from Washington — Fifteen years after Congress promised that Washington would help states pick up the tab for imprisoning… Read more »