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Sanford Florida Sanctuary City Status Inquiry

Bob stopped by our site with a question about why his city was listed as a sanctuary city. He wrote the following: “After the San Francisco alleged murder by a multiple entry illegal immigrant I did a search on sanctuary cities & found your website among a few others. I… Read more »

Request for updated status by Reno, Nevada visitor

Nevada as a whole has always been considered a sanctuary state and Reno has been specifically mentioned.  In 2012 the City contested the allegation but they didn’t back it up. Since then Nevada has been issuing drivers licenses to illegals beginning in January, 2012 and the Reno Sheriff said he… Read more »

Georgia may make driver test English only

April 2, 2009 FROM ASSOCIATED PRESS ATLANTA — Georgia would require that new drivers take a written license test in English under a bill being considered by state lawmakers, and the proposal has some employers and immigrant advocates worried it would keep people unfamiliar with the language from being able… Read more »