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Magdalena is offended by the Illegal Immigrant Label, But It Is What It Is!

Received some more feedback as follows your_name: Magdalena H. comments: Hello, I am the daughter of Mexican Immigrants (one is now an American citizen!) and we grew up using the term ‘undocumented immigrant’. Although the action is illegal, the correct and (some argue) humane term is ‘undocumented immigrant’. I hope… Read more »

Raleigh, NC woman is upset about hard earned taxes going to illegal immigrants

I would like to know how this is even possible. Why are we spending all of our hard earned money providing these people with education, healthcare, housing, food stamps, the BASICS of life which LEGAL Americans deserve. These illegal aliens deserve NOTHING unless they go through the proper channels of… Read more »

I have a question about LDS overt support for the Utah immigration bills just approved

(The following was sent to the webmaster of this site and has been posted in case someone wishes to answer the question) The Catholic Church has its immoral un-Godly pedophilia tolerance and cover-up. LDS has its immoral un-Godly illegal alien tolerance and cover-up. LDS is in my heart; the LDS… Read more »

Website Feedback on Hate and Intolerance

Web site feedback received anonymously: “You website promotes hate and intolerance. If that was what you aimed for, you’re doing a great job. Jesse” Not so sure where the hate angle comes from? I don’t hate illegal aliens, if anything, I “hate” those who employed them which encourages more illegals… Read more »


A Real Eye Opener: WHY is the USA BANKRUPT? Informative, and mind boggling! You think the war in Iraq was costing us too much? Read this: We have been hammered with the propaganda that it was the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us. I now… Read more »

North Carolina multi-city update

I would NOT put Winston-Salem on this list unless you have some evidence. I don’t see it in their city and county council meetings. And, the city clerk called me and said “No, immigration resolutions.” In fact, I find a request for 287(g) info and a resolution for state participation… Read more »