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New Mexico Resident Denies State’s Sanctuary Status

A New Mexican by the name of Tony wrote protesting his state being on the Sanctuary State List as you can see below: New Mexico is not a sanctuary state nor are any of its counties or cities as Governor Martinez issued an executive order in 2011 to this. Please… Read more »

Request for updated status by Reno, Nevada visitor

Nevada as a whole has always been considered a sanctuary state and Reno has been specifically mentioned.  In 2012 the City contested the allegation but they didn’t back it up. Since then Nevada has been issuing drivers licenses to illegals beginning in January, 2012 and the Reno Sheriff said he… Read more »

Illegal immigrants and drug trafficking in Clarkesville, TN

We received the following request: “At apartment 113 northway dr. Clarksville Tn. 37042 there is always new immigrants comeing in staying a week or two then disappearing there is one who stays a josh marco hanney a woman american valerie coleman also resides at residence many times i see criminal… Read more »

Immigration courtrooms silent during ICE review

By P. SOLOMON BANDA, Associated Press DENVER (AP) — In a trial of a politically divisive program, U.S. prosecutors in Denver and Baltimore are reviewing thousands of deportation cases to determine which illegal immigrants might stay in the country — perhaps indefinitely — so officials can reduce an overwhelming backlog… Read more »

Media more interested in pushing amnesty than the facts on illegal immigration

From the Desk of: David Martin, Executive Vice President Media Research Center Millions of Americans are unemployed.  State and local governments are under tremendous financial pressure, much of which is caused by having to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in benefits to illegal immigrants and their families.  The Obama… Read more »

Bachmann: Deport all 11 million illegal immigrants, in steps

By Josh Lederman  for The Hill Intent on drawing a clear contrast between rival Newt Gingrich and herself, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann called for 11 million illegal immigrants to be deported from the United States in steps. In the week since a GOP debate during which Gingrich supported legalizing some… Read more »

Miller for President on Immigration

Editor: We have been asked to let our users know about the immigration platform by a presidential candidate, Miller. Am providing a copy of the Immigration information here and you can click the link to the Miller For President web site:   We the people will resolve our illegal population crisis… Read more »

Santa Fe, NM Resident Wants To Know Why Sanctuary Status Isn’t On The Ballot

It is very sad that the people were not alerted about this descison to make our cities a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. We have to comply with all county, state and federal laws. Why are our taxes used to house them and give them EBT cards and medicaid? Why? Because… Read more »