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Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, California Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration

Received this disturbing but actual account of the ongoing issues regarding illegal immigration: Comments from Toren, Irvine, CA I don’t understand why Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana continue to deny that they are not a sanctuary city. How many cases of Human Trafficking, and illegal immigration to they have? The… Read more »

Some User Feedback Regarding Illegal Immigration

It is the responsibility of the federal government and every single state employee including every police dept. to round up and enforce the laws of this country. That means “everyone” should stop passing the buck and do a roundup of illegals and give them a water bottle at the border… Read more »

Media more interested in pushing amnesty than the facts on illegal immigration

From the Desk of: David Martin, Executive Vice President Media Research Center Millions of Americans are unemployed.  State and local governments are under tremendous financial pressure, much of which is caused by having to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in benefits to illegal immigrants and their families.  The Obama… Read more »

Gingrich Criticizes Federal Immigration Policy At Debate

Published November 23, 2011 Fox News Latino Newt Gingrich hopes that his unorthodox stances on immigration and other issues will shoot him past Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential contest. Gingrich, 68, may be the most familiar of the eight Republican candidates. But he has never been a play-it-safe politician… Read more »

White House Opens Door to Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Dear Friends, Last weekend, the White House announced that an immigration reform bill could become law as early as next year. David Axelrod, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, told CNN that legislation would create a path to citizenship for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in the… Read more »