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Another visitor reports multiple sanctuary cities

Leonard wrote us with the following: comments: I have been inquiring to states and certain cities about their policy for harboring illegal immigrants aka sanctuary cities. Did you know that the city of Orlando Florida has declined to give a direct answer in a email I received asking them if… Read more »

Conflicting information on sanctuary cities list is causing a concern.

Deborah wrote this to us: “I have conflicting information on the sanctuary cities on your website. Where can I get an updated list of all the sanctuary cities by state please. ” Per an earlier blog posting, there is NO official list anywhere. Most of the initial data was obtained… Read more »

Illegal immigrant T-Bones school bus killing four children

On February 19th a woman, Alianiss Nunez Morales, was driving a van that T-boned the school bus with such force it knocked the bus over on it’s side.  The bus was going south on Hwy. 23 a mile south of Cottonwood, Minnesota and the van being driven by Alianiss was… Read more »

Welcome to Sanctuary Cities Info Site

The Sanctuary Cities Info site and blog have been put in place to provide a site to gather information on the Sancutuary City phenomenon. Various cities, counties, and states across the country have chosen officially or unofficially to ignore alien status when encountered by the local law enforcement agencies. These… Read more »